Unit 8 - Lesson B

How do you choose the foods you eat every day? Do you choose carefully?
How many of you say:
  • No I just eat what I feel like.
  • I am trying to lose weight.
  • Someone else makes my meals
  • Yes, I have food allergies
  • I'm trying to gain weght.
How many foods can you think of that are good for your health? Make a list and be specific. Don't just say "fruits and vegetables" , give examples
chock=a wedge or block holding an object steady:
boost /bust/ = push up;to lift by pushing from below, stimulate, encourage, promote, foster...
Let's watch this video.

Do you think they are eating healthy? 

Let's read the website article.
Which of your foods were mentioned? 

Task B:

Group activity:
The average high school / college student has poor eating habits.

Work in groups: Agree or disagree with the statement on the board and give examples.
Pair activity:
TV ads for food products that contain a lot of added sugar should include a warning about why these things are not healthy.

Work in Pairs: Discuss the situation and then share your opinion with the class.

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