Unit 10 - Grammar B

Reporting what people say

Reported speech: Questions

Example:     Justine:  “What are you doing?” 

                    - Justine  asked me what was doing.

When transforming questions, check whether you have to change:
  • pronouns
  • present tense verbs (3rd person singular)
  • place and time expressions
  • tenses (backshift)
Also note that you have to:
  • transform the question into an indirect question
  • use the interrogative or if / whether
with interrogativedirect speech“Why don’t you speak English?”
reported speechHe asked me why I didn’t speak English.
without interrogativedirect speech“Do you speak English?”
reported speechHe asked me whether / if I spoke English.
How do the speakers in the article report the things that people said to them?
Underlined the places in the article that give you the answers.

1.  “Are you married”
People ask me whether I’m married

2.  “Why do you always take a scented candle?”
  People often ask me why I always take a scented candle.

3.      “Try green tea.”
A friend told me to try green tea.

Questions in Reported Speech

Mixed Exercises on Reported Speech

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