Unit 5:Lesson A


What are some of these problems?



Being homeless
The economy
"When a person or group has a drive, they're trying to collect as much as they can of something. In cold-weather places, a group might have a coat drive. They try to collect as many coats as they can to distribute to the poor and the homeless." 
What is the difference between these words?
1. homeless
a.   People who have nowhere to live, or who live on the streets.
2. homelessness
b.   having nowhere to live; living on the streets
3.  The homeless
c.    having nowhere to live; living on the streets
e.g. A national conference on homelessness is bringing experts to Winnipeg,
       following the homicides of three vulnerable men, by a man police say ...
The suffix “-ness” is used to make a noun from an adjective

There are lots of adjectives in English that we can convert into nouns by using 'ness'. A noun ending in 'ness' literally means the state of the original adjective.
For example, “hungriness” means the state of being hungry.
Find more examples here:  Click here

Why do you think some people end up homeless?

Ø can’t find work
Ø lost a job
Ø have drug problems
Ø have alcohol problems
Ø have a mental illness  

What can people do to help the homeless?
Ø Give them money
Ø Buy them food
Ø Urge the government to build
affordable housing or shelters.

Culture note:
Social service agencies try to help the homeless by providing food and shelter. Shelters are places that provide beds for the night. Unfortunately, during very cold weather, there are usually more homeless people than there are beds for them. Other services can include free hot meals, clothing and medical care.

Lesson A
Part A
Are there a lot of homeless people in your neighborhood?
How do people generally react toward the homeless?
Ø They ignore them.
Ø They give them money.
Ø They feel sorry for them.
Ø They feel threatened by them.

Lesson A
Part B
Read the article for the main ideas. Don't stop to check the meaning of new vocabulary 
What did Hannah Salwen's family do and why?
Hannah’s family sold their home and gave half the money to a charity in Africa. They did this after Hannah saw a homeless man next to an expensive car at a stoplight. It upset her that some people have a lot of money and others have so little, and she wanted to make a difference.

Lesson A
Part C
Pair work:
Read these questions before you retell the story
1. When did it all start?
2. Where were Hannah and her father going?
3. What did they see?
4. How did it affect Hannah?
5. What was her mother's reaction?
6. What kind of charity did they help?
7. What other benfits did the family get out of this? 
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