Unit 3:Lesson A:Stories

Lesson A

What is a life lesson?

  • a lesson you learn from a mistake
  • a lesson you learn from your own or someone's else experience
  • a new way to look at something

What are some typical highlights in people's life?

Listening, page 30.

What special thing each person has done?

Janie has traveled a lot. She's lived in Italy and Central America.She worked with volunteers in Central America and rebuilt homes after an earthquake.

Marcos started a band (but it broke up), and he's been coaching a local soccer team.

Sheng started his Ph.D.

Jing Wei got an internship at a fashion company. 

What does initiative mean?

The ablity to begin a plan or follow through in a determined way.

What do you think "make the most out of life" mean?

Use all the opportunities you see, make sure you do things you want to do.

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