Lesson D Online footprints

  • Do you or your friends use a social networking site? Raise your hands if you do.

  • Do your ever worry about the things you post on your wall? Raise your hands if you do.

What is an online footprint?

- an impression people get of you from online content

What is digital dirt?

- online material that doesn't have good content.

  • gossip, 
  • obnoxious remarks about someone, protos of you or people you know drinking, etc.


Do you think this picture is appropriate to post online?

Why do you think is inappropriate?

Appropriate: Friends will think it's funny
Inappropriate: parents, an employer, or a teacher might see it.

Read the article for the main ideas.

Read quickly to find a particular piece of information.
Don't read each word and don't stop to check your dictionary (vocabulary).

Read the article again. What examples of digital dirt can you find?

- (P1)innappropriate photos (underage drinking) 
- (Step 1) off-color (rude, offensive, nasty) jokes.
(Step 1) rude comments
(Step 2) badmouthing ( criticizing, saying bad things about) employers, teachers, etc.
(Step 4)an unprofessional email address
(Step 5)memberships in inappropriate online groups 

Look at the first paragraph. What example does the writer give?

(Ms.S. couldn't get her diploma because of pictures she posted on her social networking site)

How does it illustrate the writer's argument?

(It shows what can happen when people have "digital dirt" online) 

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