Unit 6:Lesson B

Lesson B:

A better future?

We'll talk about blobal problems that require large-scale, organized responses by groups of people

What are the bigest problems that the world faces today?



Protecting the environment

erradication of hunger (poor, starving kids)

Lesson B: Task C
Start the presentation
Ø Let’s get started (P1)
Ø I’d like to begin by…(P2)
Introduce the topic
Ø I want to look at…(P2)
Ø I’ll be talking about…(P2)
Check that everyone can see or hear

Ø Can you all see the screen?(P1)
Refer to a slide, a handout, or questions
Ø As you’ll see on this slide, … (P3)
Ø There should be a handout going around (P1)
Ø I’ll allow time for questions and comments at the end (P2)
Ø Does anyone have any questions or comments? (P4)
Go to a new topic or person
Ø Let’s move on…    Look at …(P3)

End the presentation
(Anyway,) that’s all I have time for…(P4)
I’d better stop there…(P4)
Does anyone have any questions or comments?(P4)
I’ll just conclude by saying …(P5)

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