Unit 2-The media

What is media?

    Write the names of three famous living people. 

Have you heard about them? These people are all celebrities. Why are they famous?
Say who is who
a)Lady Gaga
1. An American rapper and record producer.
2. An American pop singer, famous for her distinctive costumes and catchy pop tunes
c) Shakira
3. A Colombian pop star who sings in English and Spanish.

Media=means of communication, as radio, television, magazines, internet, newspapers, with wide reach and influence.
Obsession=someone or something a person thinks about all the time
Obsessed with=unable to stop thinking or looking for information about someone or something.
Image=photo or picture.
Invent problems=make up stories.
Imitate people=do the same things as they do.
Reassure=explain (sth) is OK
Outnumber=to be greater than in number.
Avidly= enthusiastically (very keen)
Surgery=the practice of treating diseases, injuries, etc.
Obsessed=to think about something without stopping.

Gossip=conversation, or rumour, esp. about the private affairs of others.

Activity C
1. Celebrity magazines
2. Because the media often invent stories about celebrities and their problems.
3. Get plastic surgery.
4. Their images are everywhere.

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