Unit 11 - Lesson A


This usually means food, costumes, traditional crafts, and perhaps festivals. This time, we’ll look at customs surrounding weddings, gift-giving, and receiving, and other traditions

Wedding rehearsal(a practice or trial performance of a play or other work for later public performance.)
Wedding vocabulary

hardship of life /severe suffering or privation.
the bride and groom exchange vows
her Maid of Honour helped her with the final touch-ups for the wedding ceremony.( the bridesmaids and groomsmen )

Types of weddings
People involved
Things people do
·   Western-style ceremonies
·   Religious ceremonies
·   Civil ceremony
·   Bride
·   Bridesmaid(s)
·   Groom
·   Matchmaker
·   Parents of the groom
·   Best man
·   groomsmen

·        Walk down the aisle
·        Go to a reception
·        Exchange vows
·        Perform a 8civil) ceremony
·        Have a bachelor/
     bachelorette party
·        Have a rehearsal dinner
·        Host a dinner


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