U9:Grammar B


Adding information

1.     There are so many things that are going on.
v What is that are going on?
v What words were deleted? 

2.     I got so stressed when I took exams.
vWhat is when I took exams?
vWhat words were deleted?
vWhat did took change to?
vDid Anna feel stress at the same time she took exams or a different time?

3.     My happiest moment was when I graduated.
vHow did Wesley say this? What word where deleted?
vWhat happened to graduated?
v Was Wesley’s happiest moment at the same time he graduated or at a different time?   

4.     When you’re successful, it feels good.
vWhat‘s the verb in the clause when you’re successful?
vWhat did that clause change to?

To reduce a subject relative clause, omit the subject pronoun (who, that) and change the verb to an –ing form.

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