Unit 8 - Lesson A

Outcome: by the end of the unit you will be able to:

Ø talk about food, farming, and nutrition;
Ø use the passive to talk about the past, present, and future;
Ø use verb complements;
Ø use rhetorical questions to make a point
Ø use examples as part of your argument.
What are some of your favorite foods?

Do you think your favorites are healthy? 

"In this lesson, we'll talk about food. We'll talk about growing it and a problem in agriculture today. We'll look at what's good and bad for us. 
Do you know where most of the fuits and vegetables you eat come from? 
Mala Peru verduras

Peruvian growers come from rural and urban agricultural systems. 

Mala, Cañete 
What are the main crops grown near here?
There are more than 3,000 varieties of potatoes found in Peru,
 They come from rural and urban agricultural systems. Mala, Cañete are the 

         Amaranthus caudatus

Named Kiwicha in the highlands of Peru

Amaranth Seeds    
What time of year are the grapes harvested in Ica?
The Peruvian Grape Harvest Festivals Have BegunMarch is a busy month when it comes to cultural events.The Harvest Festivities or Vendimia in Ica  has served as a celebration of the regions abundance of grapes since 1958.  Furthermore the region around Ica is known for producing Peru’s best quality wines as well as the world’s finest Pisco.
Where are crops affected by drought?

Are there ever any food shortages? 
Where can you see greenhouses around here?
What kinds of farms are there in our country?

The future of farming is indoors and vertical...
What do we grow or procuce?

PERU is an Emerging Exporter of Fruits and Vegetables
In a Radio or TV interview, What is an anchor?
The interviewer (the person asking questions)  Pamela Silva Conde is a Peruvian six time Emmy award winning journalist and co-anchor of the Univision Network's weekday newsmagazine, “Primer Impacto”.

Listen to the radio interview. Which photo best illustrates the topic?
Who is Celia?

The environmental correspondet-A solar car race held in Chile
What are the predictions for the year 2025?
The world population is expected to rise to 8 billion. There won't be enough land to grow food on. 
What kind of farming is being discussed at the conference?

Vertical farming (standing or pointing straight up)
What does conventional mean here?
C Pair Work - Possible answers:
  • It's important because the world's populatin is growing, and there won't be enough food for everyone.
  • They'll be like high-rise greenhouses. They'll be built in cities.
  • They will be indoors, not outside, and they will grow crops in water instead of soil.
  • Food will probably be cheaper because transportation costs will be less.
Disscuss these problems and decide which ones are most relevant to our country. 
  • Population growth
  • Climate change (drought / flooding)
  • Farmland needed for housing

   ØThe way things are usually done, with nothing new or different. 
A shortage of cash
A shortage of fifty dollars.
Ø the condition or state of not having enough; efficiency
Ø a deficiency or lack in the amount needed, expected, or due; deficit.
The glass greenhouses are filled with equipment like screening installations, heating, cooling, lighting and also may be automatically controlled by a computer to maximize potential growth
Ø a building or complex in which plants are gown. Watch this video, you will like it.
Watch this video. Looks interesting.

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