Unit 10 - Lesson B

I never travel without it


“You’re going on a business trip for five days. In addition to a laptop or a Smartphone, name one thing you’d be sure to take.”

Imagine: “You’re going on vacation for a week. Name one thing you’d be sure to take.

Open your books:

Look at the pictures and the lists on the board.

Are there any of these things in the lists?

·    mp3 player
·    e-reader
·    book
·    an eye mask
·    earplugs
·    camera
·    flashlight
·    shampoo
·    conditioner
·    a scented candle
·    Family photos
·    Green tea
·    Bathing suit
·    comfortable shoes

Ask your partner:

Why do you think people might take these things on a trip? Give possible reasons.

Ways To Be Prepared For A Blackout

Match the vocabulary with its respective definition
1.    an eye mask and earplugs
a)  if you go camping; if there’s a risk of earthquakes or
power outages
2.    a flashlight:
b)  if you’re staying with a friend; if you’re going to a hotel that doesn’t provide them; if you prefer to use your own conditioner
3.    shampoo and conditioner
c)  to show other people; to look at while you’re away to remind you of home; if you get lonely.
4.    a scented candle
d)  if you feel tired and need to wake up; to feel at home; if you can’t get it in the place you’re visiting.
5.    family photos
e)  to help you relax; to make you feel at home.
6.    green tea
f)   for a long flight; if you’re going to a noisy place; if you have trouble sleeping.

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