Unit 6: Lesson A

Aims of the unit

Outcome: by the end of the unit you will be able  to talk about money, technology, and future developments.

What's the topic of the unit?

What aspects of our lives will be different in the future?

What changes will technology bring ?

  • new forms of communication
  • more online education

Lesson A: The future of money 

Set the scene:

Imagine it's ten years in the future. You're buying a cup of coffee? How will you pay for it?

  • cash
  • debit card
  • prepaid debit
  • cash card

How many different ways are there to pay for things these days?

Write your answers.

Listening and reading: 

  • cash
  • debit cards
  • credit cards
  • prepaid debit cards
  • coins
  • paper money
  • cell phones 


1. headline  :the title of a story in the the paper/newspaper/   magazine
2. obsolete  : something that no longer exists or is no longer in use                        because something has replaced it 
3. inevitable: certain to happen  
4. cash        : money in the form of coins, bills or banknotes:
4. cashless  : Adj. Having no money.Operating without the need for cash. Some say we are headed toward a cashless society 
5. unlikely  : improbable, not likely to be true or to happen.
6. be or get rid of: to be or become free of: e.g. Finally we are rid of the insect problem.to dispose (of); to remove; to abolish; to lose. E.g. I want to get rid of your influence over my life!
7. Fraud /frɔːd/ deliberate deception, trickery, or cheating intended to gain an advantage

Watch this video about the future


Ask these questions. Answer your partner’s questions.

1.   How will you be doing most of your shopping in the future?
2.   What kinds of stores will soon be disappearing?
3.   What form of technology do you think everyone should own? Why?
4.    When do people have to pay for something with a credit card?

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