Grammar: talking about habits

What are Habits? 

They are things you do frequently or all the time. 

Different ways to talk about habits.
Simple present and present continuous (always and constantly)
Personally I use email, but my kids are constantly texting.
Tend and Will
Will does not have future meaning in this sentence.
Won’t or will not are rarely used in this meaning.
Occasionally my son will email someone like my sister, but with friends he tends to text.

You can start questions with And, but, or So to link back to things the previous speaker said.

1.   So how do you keep in touch with people?
2.   Yeah. But why do they do it?
3.   But you’d say something if it was a good friend?
4.   And you just tend to add people?


unfriended= "an unfriendly act of aggression"
                      "take someone off his/her friends list"
              e.g. So why did you unfriend her?
                 Just make sure you never unfriend me! Ok?
                 How would you feel if someone unfriended you?
                 - (angry, hurt, insulted, upset, relieved, wouldn't care,                      depends who did it)

  Discuss these questions in pairs:
  1. Should you tell people you are going to "unfriend" them?
  2. what are some reasons to "unfriend" people?
  3. If someone "unfriended" you, would you want to know the reason?
      Some other possible reasons for ending a friendship are:

                  - the person posted private information about you, 
                  - you've lost touch.
                  - post annoying stuff on your wall.  

obnoxious= annoying and unpleasant

What does my wall mean?
   a public space in the speaker's personal social network profile.
What does two-faced mean?
  Hypocritical or insincere, saying one thing to you and something else to other people.

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