Unit 10 - Lesson A

Going places

What do you think we’ll be talking about?

Name a place you like to travel to.

Imagine that you’re going to do some traveling. You’ve chosen a destination, and you’d like to get some ideas about what to take, do, or expect. What kind of Internet site would you look at?


Why a blog would be useful?

v It’s probably more truthful.
v You can find out how the blogger felt about the experiences.

  Look at the pictures from Rob’s Amazon blog (page 106 of your books).

What can you guess about Rob’s trip?

1.      Picture 1: He starts in a capital city
2.      Picture 2: he has to take a plane somewhere. It’s a small plane, so it maybe it’s going to a small place
3.      Picture 3: They’re on a river so it could be the next part of the journey. It could be the final destination.

B  -  Which word do you undelined for tired ?

When did Rob feel tired

1.      Rob felt tired after the trip to La Paz (…the trip was…tiring.
2.      Rob felt depressed when he heard the bus trip was 18 hours or more. (She also said… 18 hours or more by bus – a depressing thought…)
3.      Rob felt surprised when he was checking in at the airport. (…a handful of people… which ws surprising…)
4.      Rob felt terrified when they were landing. (the pilot …Actually, it was terrifying.)

You feel…
Because something is
 The verb is…
1.      amazed
1.    amazing
1.    amaze
2.      impressed
2.    impressive
2.    impress
3.      fascinated
3.    fascinating
3.    fascinate
4.      tired
4.    tiring
4.    tire
5.      exhausted
5.    exhausting
5.    exhaust
6.      depressed
6.    depressing
6.    depress
7.      puzzled
7.    puzzling
7.    puzzle
8.      surprised
8.    surprising
8.    surprise
9.      frightened
9.    frightening
9.    frighten
10.     encouraged
10.  encouraging
10. encourage
11.     challenged
11.  challenging
11. challenge
12.     terrified
12.  terrifying
12. terrify
13.     relaxed
13.  relaxing
13. relax

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