Unit 3:Lesson B

We talked about life lessons when we began the unit. 

Where can we learn life lessons? 

  • from a personal experience
  • from watching something happen between other people.

"We probably have more opportunities for life lessons than we realize"

  1. struggle with a class = have a difficult time with it
  2. raised your hand = put it in the air to get someone's attention
  3. fall behind on your work = you can't do all the things you are supposed to do on time.
  4. leave a question blank = don't write an answer to it. 
  5. count toward your final grade = be part of your final score
  6. affect your grade = can make a difference to your grade
  7. catch up on your work = do all the work on your desk that you had to do
  8. miss a class = fail to attend it
  9. turn in a test = give it to your teacher

What is the story about?

A student learned a lesson from the professor during an exam. 

What did you guess the professor said?

"in your careers, there will be many people who help you. They are all important. At the very least, you should know their names."

What do you think of the profesor response?

Look at the expressions in bold in the blog. Do you understand all of them?

Possible answers (Page 32):

1. Because it counted toward the final grade.

2. She midded several classes, and she struggled with it.

    She fell behind on her work. But she caught up on the work             eventually.

3. She finished all the questions, but she couldn't answer/ complete       the last one. She didn't think it was a real question.

4.Because she didn't finish the test. She left the last question blank     when she turned in (give)her paper

5. He said the last question would count toward the grade/affect the     grade. He said it's important to know the names of people you           meet in life. 

Task D:
_______________a class
struggle with a class
miss a class
take a class
skip a class
______________ a grade
count toward a grade
affect a grade
_______________a test
turn in a test
finish a test
miss a test
____________your work
fall behind on your work
catch up on your work
struggle with your work
_______________your hand raise your hand
lower your hand
____________ a question
leave a question blank
finish a question
complete a question
miss a question

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