Unit 8 - Grammar - Part A: Active and passive voice


The passive forms are made up of the verb be with a past participle:
bepast participle
Englishisspokenall over the world
The windowshave beencleaned
Lunchwas beingserved
The workwill befinishedsoon
Theymight have beeninvitedto the party
We can use the indirect object as the subject of a passive verb:
I gave him a book for his birthday>>He was given a book for his birthday.
Someone sent her a cheque for a thousand euros>>She was sent a cheque for a thousand euros.

We can use phrasal verbs in the passive:
They called off the meeting.>>The meeting was called off.
His grandmother looked after him.>>He was looked after by his grandmother.
They will send him away to school.>>He will be sent away to school.
Some verbs very frequently used in the passive are followed by the to-infinitive:
be supposed tobe expected tobe asked to
be scheduled tobe allowed tobe told to
John has been asked to make a speech at the meeting.
You are supposed to wear a uniform.
The meeting is scheduled to start at seven. 

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