Unit 7: Lesson B

Who's an only child?

Who has siblings?

…What it’s like to grow up in different types of family

Types of Family Structures

Lesson B:Task A

Who is from a big family?
Who is from a small family?
Which two people were only children?
1.  Osman
3.  Lilli
2.  Sophia
4.  Sean

long for
(= pine for [sb/sth])
want, wish, desire, wish for, to be nostalgic (añorar, extrañar
Ø  I am not nostalgic for the Europe of six, nor do I believe there is a golden age to long for
Ø  I used to long for somewhere quiet to study
Blame (=culpa fault, guilt)

Ø  to hold (someone) responsible
Ø  to find fault with; criticize
Ø  to place the responsibility for (a fault, etc.) on:
Ø  His players had to take the blame (cargar con la culpa)
Ø  Don't blame me for the delay.
Ø  I don't blame you for leaving.

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